CNI demands the cancellation of the mining concessions in the Nahua community territories of the Sierra Norte de Puebla and in all of Mexico

May 13, 2020

To the communities of Mexico and the World
To the Media

The Coordination of the National Indigenous Congress/Indigenous Governing Council, as well as diverse member organizations of the National Indigenous Congress salute our sisters and brothers of the Nahua community of the Sierra Norte de Puebla [North Mountain Range of Puebla] and their dignified struggle to cancel mining concessions that the bad government, of yesterday and today, handed over to the owners of money supported by a Mining Law that was born from the betrayal of the San Andres Accords and the violation of our fundamental rights, without caring about the destruction of the environment, the devastation of cultures, and that the hope of life will be exhausted; that which we communities speak of when we embark on judgments or we raise our voices in all ways that are accessible to us.

In the face of all adverse conditions that we live as humanity and in the face of the proliferation of the sickness that is called capitalism, which today is expressed in the Covid-19 pandemic and that threatens all life on the planet, deepening its presence in all corners; we take up and will continue to inescapably take up the caring, defense, and healing of our mother earth. It is in this sense that we take up as our own the demands of the Nahua community of the municipalities of Cuetzalan del Progreso, Tlatlauquitepec and Yaonáhuac, in Puebla, to cancel all mining concessions that threaten life in the region, extending this demand to the concessions that exist in all the national territory.

Likewise, we recognize and support the fight of the Consejos Maseual Altepetajpiannij and Tiyat Tlali, as well as the Integral Territorial Ordainment Committee of Cuetzalan and all supporting organizations. Demanding that the Supreme Court of the Justice of the Nation declare the unconstitutionality of the Mining Law, remembering that the imposed laws of the bad governments do not respect the collective rights we have as original peoples, well, the only thing they respect is the bloody profit of big business.

We call on honest collectives and organizations, and to all communities of the world to be attentive to the resolutions and actions that the corrupted judicial power and the bad government will adopt, as well as the word of our compañeras and compañeros of the Nahua community of the Sierra Norte de Puebla, so we may act in solidarity.


May 2020

For the Integral Reconstruction of our Communities

Never a Mexico Without Us

Coordinación del Congreso Nacional Indígena/Concejo Indígena de Gobierno

Centro de Derechos Humanos de los Pueblos del Sur de Veracruz “Bety Cariño”

Proceso de Articulación de la Sierra de Santa Marta, Veracruz

Centro Comunitario U kúuchil k Ch’i’ibalo’on, Quintana Roo

Resistencia Civil de Candelaria, Campeche

Asamblea de Pueblos Indígenas del Istmo en Defensa de la Tierra y el Territorio, Oaxaca

Coordinadora de Pueblos y Organizaciones del Oriente del Estado de México en Defensa de la Tierra, el Agua y su Cultura, Estado de México

Movimiento Agrario Indígena Zapatista

Consejo Indígena y Popular de Guerrero-Emiliano Zapata

Red Unidos por los Derechos Humanos, A. C., Veracruz

Unión de Pueblos y Comunidades Purepechas, Ciudad de México y Michoacaán

Consejo Supremo Indígena de Michoacán

Servicios para una Educación Alternativa, A. C.

Consejo Regional Indígena y Popular de Xpujil, Campeche

Unión de Comunidades Indígenas de la Zona Norte del Istmo, Oaxaca

Casa de Salud de la Comunidad Indígena de Tuxpan, Jalisco

Comuna Purépecha

Autoridades Tradicionales de la Tribu Yaqui, Pueblo de Vicam

Centro de Lengua y Cultura Zoque

Frente por la Liberación de los Pueblos

Comuneros de San Pedro Atlapulco, Estado de México

Frente de Pueblos en Defensa del Agua y de la Tierra, Morelos, Puebla y Tlaxcala

Organizaciones solidarias:

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